2020 Donations


(Donated $5,000 or more)
Donor’s name and HCU Patient  name and photo on 1st page of website (for 1 month), along with donation certificate 

From Ruth and Daniel
In honor of Josie



(Donated $1,000 or more)
Donor’s name, HCU Patient name and photo on website, along with a donation certificate


(Donated $500 or more)

Donor's name and HCU Patient's name listed on website, along with a donation certificate

John Hoxmeier

Philip Marotto


Frank Oddo
In honor of Joe Bonucci

Keegan Ovitt
In honor of Joe Bonucci

Robert and Brittany Parke
in honor of Grayson Parke
in memory of Drew Parke


(Donated $100 or more)

                              Donor's name on website along with a donation certificate         

James Christle

Patti Cuevas

David and Karen Duff

Ben Lewis

Ruby Kaur

Gary and Linda Paulson

Pamela and James Penrose

Leigh T Yates

Torban Zerlang


(Donated $99 or less)

Donors name listed on website


Luke Bonucci

Cathryn Elliott

Scott Hummel

Seth Rothberg

Brett Seach

Dorthy and Robert Siegfried

Kathy Soto

Eileen Spinato

Anne Ventura



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Joanna Ball

The Carter Family

Jessica Karnes

Saoirse Kelly

The Koellin-Franqui Family

Sabrina Mayes

Samantha Mozden

Pamela Penrose

Liezza Roldan

The Smeltser Family

Pamela Stallings

The Sullivan Family

Grace Talbert

Kelly Waters

Mary Zelasko


Brooke's Blazers

Ellie's Entourage

Give Will A Shot

Recordati Rare Diseases

The Bartke Ruff Ruffs

Grayson's Gleeful Galloping Gang of Goons

South Florida Strides

Team KJ