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Back to Care with Danae'

"It’s not that I ever made the intentional decision to go “off diet”, it’s just that I never really was on diet to begin with. There were times where I was closer to being on diet though, than others, but it still was a far cry from how the diet really should be done."

Back to Care with Ashley

"The first time around it didn't really go for me. It was the food stuff that stopped me. I could do the snacky stuff, but the food and drinks (formula) I couldn't tolerate it. I had a second go this year, actually. I made my own decision, my choice, no one put it on me. My levels were really high, I was suffering with headaches at work on a daily basis. I just thought I can't carry on like this, I can't even function..

I thought I'd give it another shot, but I'm actually going to do it proper; I'm not going to cheat anything, and going to be very strict with it. Count the calories, count the protein, see what goes in, do a food diary and I stuck to it. I feel a lot better doing it!"