HCU Community Cook Book

Taco "Meat"

Mock "Tuna" salad


Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp

Veggie Loaf


My name is Amber Gibson.  I am the mother of a three-year-old with Homocystinuria. I attended culinary school where I met my husband. We both graduated in 2010. I graduated with a pastry arts degree and I have done some cake decorating in the past. I worked as a cook and supervisor at a restaurant called Champions in a downtown Indianapolis Marriott hotel for eight years. While working for Champions, it gave me opportunities to grow as a chef by helping design the menus, organize and prepare food for parties, and placing orders. While I have had special dietary requests from guests of the restaurant, nothing would challenge me more than the special diet necessary for my daughter. She has really broadened my ideas for food and menus. I have more knowledge of different vegetables, fruits, and nondairy products than I could ever imagine having learned in culinary school. Nothing empowers you to learn more than experience. Thanks to my daughter and her needs, I have been able to gain such experience and through this experience I will share with you the recipes I have been able to recreate for her and our beloved HCU community. Thank you for this opportunity to be the recipe coordinator for HCU Network America.