HCU Hero Award Nominations


Nominations for the HCU Hero Award


Nominations are currently closed.

The criteria for the award is that is goes to individuals at the pinnacle or toward the end of their career, recognizing their excellent body of work over a long time to improve the lives of people with HCU. They should have had a significant positive outcome along the way.


Previous awardees have included: 
2018:  Dr. Harvey Levy
2019: Dr. Jan Kraus


To nominate someone qualified and deserving of HCU Hero Award, please send an email to Danae’ Bartke, Executive Director, at dbartke@hcunetworkamerica.org with the subject line noting: HCU Hero Award Nomination

Please provide their name, title and a brief summary as to why you feel they are deserving, including work history, volunteerism and other ways they have gone above and beyond for those with HCU.













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