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EMAIL #2Casual for a Cause benefitting HCU Network America

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SUBJECT: HCU Network America – Jeans Day (Or Jersey) Reminder!


Good morning team!

Our Jeans Day / Jersey Day fundraiser is quickly approaching, and time is running out to make your pledge and pick out your favorite pair of jeans / jersey  to rock on (DATE).

So far, we have collected $xxx which puts us at xx% of our total goal of $xxx. Thank you so much to those of you who have already made your contributions.

Remember, the funds we raise will go directly to supporting the resources, tools and assistance provided by HCU Network America to the rare Homocystinuria patient community.

You can participate by (enter donation instructions).

Thank you again for supporting this worthy organization!

With much appreciation,

(Your name)

P.S. If you’re not looking to participate in Jeans Day / Jersey Day but would still like to make a donation to HCU Network America in support of resources, tools and assistance, please come see (TEAM CAPTAIN NAME) and make a donation today!