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We realize that food and formula coverage varies greatly by state. For this reason, HCU Network America has contracted Raenette Franco of Compassion Works Medical LLC to help assist you in getting low protein foods, formula and supplements covered. She will also work with you to find a policy that meets your individual needs if you don't currently have one, or are struggling to find one.

Part of our mission as HCU Network America is to increase access for treatments and supplements for    Homocystinuria patients. In order to fulfill this part of our mission, we have been in contact with Raenette Franco of Compassion Works Medical, LLC to help us fulfill this part of our goals.

A native New Yorker, Raenette Franco came to New Jersey in 2001 and landed a career as Medical Biller Insurance Specialist/Consultant. Her background consists of hospice and palliative care, bariatric surgery, and other medical specialties geared around insurance coverage. Raenette landed a job within the medical food arena in 2011 as a medical food insurance specialist that captured her heart. Inspired by helping others, Raenette expanded her career as founder of Compassion Works Medical. Raenette received her Certification as a Certified Biller Coder Specialist (CBCS), from the NCCA Accreditation, NJ. Her big heart and deep passion is dedicated to helping patients, dietitians, and physicians avoid the difficult tasks of insurance coverage and reimbursement issues for medical foods/enteral nutrition. Raenette’s specialty is working directly with Medical Food coverage for both formula and low protein foods.



Compassion Works Medical has a special mission to change the lives of the rare genetic disease community by supporting a genuine helping hand with insurance coverage challenges. Over the past years at Compassion Works Medical, a blessing in disguise had come across my path – I have expanded my support to all kinds of special diseases that require medical foods and enteral nutrition, including cancer, ALS, TBI, etc. It is truly rewarding and my inspiration grows stronger and stronger to help those people find a way to afford and stay on diet.

“We don't take NO for an answer along with compassion that makes all of us successful”!

How to get in touch with Raenette:
(973) 832-4736

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