Company Matching


Did you know that many companies, big and small, offer Company Match programs to their employees for donations made to non-profits? These programs have no additional cost to you - the donator, however, it could double or even triple the value of your contribution made to HCU Network America.

What is Company Matching?

Company Matching programs are a charitable donation made by a company that matches an employee’s donation to an eligible nonprofit organization, most often dollar for dollar. Numerous companies in the U.S. and internationally offer Company Matching programs to their employees, employee spouses, and retirees. These programs are offered to employees as a benefit and allows the employee to have their donation doubled (or more with some companies) by their employer. Simply put, your $100 donation to HCU Network America can be matched dollar for dollar - effectively doubling your originally donation.

How can I take advantage of Company Matching?

  1. Make your Donation

         Donate Here

  1. Keep the receipt of your donation or take a screen shot of your donation after it has been made for proof of the donation
  2. Find out if your company or your spouse’s company offers a Company Matching program. This can be done by reaching out to the Human Resources department or checking the company’s website.
  3. Provide the proof of your donation to the appropriate personnel within the company and give them the following information:
    1. HCU Network America’s tax id number (EIN) is 81-3646006
    2. The web link to the donatation page: 
    3. Send donations by mail to:
      HCU Network America,
      Attention: ED, Danae' Bartke,
      15 South Mallory Ave.
      Batavia, Illinois 60510



Company Matching