Casual for a Cause: Playbook

Email Templates:

We have created 4 email templates to help you produce a successful Casual for a Cause Jeans Day or Jersey Day. We encourage you to set up your event a month in advance to help get the word out to all your colleagues.

The areas in red you will need to fill in with your own information.

Email 1

Email 2

Email 3

Email 4

Donation Reporting: 

As your event happens, keep track of each person who participates or donates and we will send them a tax receipt.

Flyer Templates:

We have created 3 templates for you to edit and and use as you please. If you have trouble editing them with your information, please feel free to email Danae' and she will add the information for you! (


HCU Network America Brochures:

When donating to a cause or participating in an event that benefits an organization, donors and participants like to know where their money is going! Feel free to download and print our brochures - we can also mail you copies as well, just shoot us an email.



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