Krista Viau

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About the Speaker

Krista Viau, PhD, RD is a metabolic dietitian at Boston Children’s Hospital. She has been working with children and adults with inherited metabolic disorders for 9 years. Krista is a recent addition to the Boston Children’s team. She moved with her fiancé after spending 8 years at the University of Utah Metabolic Clinic. Krista completed her Masters and Doctoral degrees at the University of Utah studying cognitive outcomes in PKU and strategies to improve treatment adherence. Her research interests include studying the natural history of rare metabolic disorders and improving nutritional therapies for these conditions.


Dietary management is the key to success with homocystinuria. Krista Viau will guide us through the rationale for nutrition therapy, review different approaches to diet monitoring, and identify strategies to support success with a low methionine diet. 

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