Casual for a Cause: Motivate the Masses


  • Get your boss on board! Employees are much more likely to participate when the boss or branch director participate!
  • Use the flyer and email templates we provided! People love to donate when they know the patient/child who has HCU, make sure to include pictures!
  • Ask your boss if you could have some the patient or patients parent come in and speak about Homocystinuria.



  • Raffle - raffles don't have to cost you or anyone in your office anything additional! Ask your boss if they'd be able to raffle extended lunch time, paid time off, or even lunch with the boss for those who participate!
  • Friendly Competition - Sometimes, people need a little competition to motivate their participation. Start a departmental challenge! The department raising the most funds for Jeans Day wins a free lunch or an ice cream social on your designated dress down day.
  • Match- Select companies have company matching. This means for every dollar you donate to a non-profit, they will match you - sometimes even twice. Ask your boss if they would match the money raised from this event!



  • Create a public way to track donations and include your end goal with it!
  • In the email templates we encourage you to include where you are at in your goals - make sure you include this!
  • Giant Jeans – Purchase a giant pair of jeans and challenge employees to fill them up. For every donation made add a tennis ball or other item into the jeans to “fill them up”. If you reach your goal, have you or your boss wear them for a day!



When it's over, don't forget to thank your colleagues!