2019 Donations


(Donated $5,000 or more)
Donor’s name and HCU Patient  name and photo on 1st page of website, along with donation certificate 

Margie McGlynn - in memory of Judy and Susie Hempling


(Donated $1,000 or more)
Donor’s name, HCU Patient name and photo on website, along with a donation certificate

 Ruth and Daniel Kelly
in honor of Josie Kelly

Tara and Chris Hummel
in honor of Will Hummel


(Donated $500 or more)

Donor's name and HCU Patient's name listed on website, along with a donation certificate

Charlyn Geldmacher                                    in honor of Joseph Bonucci

The Parke Family                                                in honor of Grayson Parke                            and in memory of Drew Parke

Holly and Randal Thorpe                                  in honor of Danae' Bartke & Garrett Austin

Marian Wentworth
in honor of Margie McGlynn

Barbara Zarou                                                  in honor of  Alex Levine


(Donated $100 or more)

                              Donor's name on website along with a donation certificate         

Austin's Violin Shop

Durga Bobba 

David Duff

Dennis Elliot

Nancy and Eddie Ellis

Mary Hoffmann

Patricia McGlynn

Gary and Linda Paulson

Pamela Penrose

Ron and Terri Snyder

Cole and Sarah Sullivan

Barbara Zarou                            


(Donated $99 or less)

Donors name listed on website

Danae' Bartke

Melinda Becerra

Robert and Judy Brown

Thomas and Patti Cuevas

First Interstate Bank, Kalispell Branch

Patty Dawson

Benjamin Lewis

Philip Marotto

Carol Ruell

Lisa Shenck

Kathy Soto

Phyllis Thomas

Megan Tierney

HCU Facebook Friend Fundraisers

Jeannie Baker-Piccini

Joanna Ball

Matt Bartke

Teresa Bierman War

Laurie Bonucci

Breun Carel Smeltser

Elizabeth Carter

Eirean Corrigan

Lauren Duff

Kelsey Evanitz

Julie Frank

Tom Hawkins

Taylor Howard

Jessica Karnes

Chloe Lewis

Karen Lewis

Sabrina Mayes

Dottie Kohl Murphy

Helga Nemaric

Pamela Penrose

Kristin Rapp

Thelmo and Liezza Roldan

Michael Salgado

Rebecca Spratt

Cole and Sarah Sullivan

Kelly Waters

Jessica Ybarra

Donations made in memory of Margaret "Peg" Hempling.

Peg Hempling

Sandy Breen

John and Patricia Brill

William and Deborah Buyers

Jim and Kathy Danahy

Dennis and Rosemary Dargavel

Margaret Dragone

Patrick and Jennifer Dunn

Rhonda Frederick

Joe and Santina Gannon

Frank Glavin

Nancy Gugliuzza

Eugene and Kathleen Hart

Anthony and Cheryl Herrmann

John and Kathy Hoffstetter

Carole Krupski

Dennis and Maryrose Lynch

Tom and Jody Masterson

Mark and Cheryl McCall

Brian and Naomi McGlynn

Kathryn Milligan

Michael and Peg Nigrelli

Rich and Norrie Oelkers

Joe and Jennifer O'Neill

Francis Oshei

Lawrence and Mary Oshei

Tim and Mary Oshei

William and Denise Oshei

Joseph and Susan Perillo

Ed and Margo Pinkos

Tom and Bonita Sanderson

David Schieber

Bob and Didi Scott

Dale and Lorie Steinwald

Dennis and Anne Ventura

Steve and Sue Wheeler


Donations made in Memory of Grover "Jug" Elliott, Jr                  and in honor of Elliott Carter

Carolyn Burlew

Jim and Nancy Burri

Helen and John Butler

Margaret Byrem

Karen Campbell

John Davatelis

Jean Deaton

Deborah Eddy

Cathryn Elliott

Mary and Jerry Gibson

Betty and Howard Husbands

Michael Leventhal

Thomas and Marcia Logan

Robert and Nancy Miller

John and Cathryn Morrow

Barbara Nolan

Joan Reeves

Enola Romano

Dorthy and Robert Siegfried

Mary Spicer

Kenneth Wright