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EMAIL #1 – Casual for A Cause benefiting HCU Network America                                                                                                                         Suggested text to engage participants

SUBJECT: Wear your favorite jeans (or jersey) – Support the Homocystinuria community


Fellow COMPANY NAME team members,

Imagine that all you could eat in a given day is the protein equivalent of a single egg or a couple slices of bread. This is one of many struggles in the daily lives of about 1 out of 200,000 born in this country with Homocystinuria (HCU). . Those born with homocystinuria are prescribed a low protein diet and medical formula to help them thrive. If they don’t follow this strict low protein diet and consume their medical formula, they are at risk for severe vision impairment, blood clots and strokes.  The patients and parents affected by homocystinuria are in dire need of resources and tools to help them understand and navigate their diagnosis. This pressing need is why we have opted to participate in a fundraiser benefiting HCU Network America, an organization that strives to build a network amongst the HCU community to inform and provide resources for patients and families, while supporting the advancement of diagnosis and treatment for HCU.

We at COMPANY NAME have a unique opportunity to not only participate in a crucial fundraiser but to also have some fun in the process!

Donate $20 and wear jeans to work on (either a day of your choice or any day during a preset time period – also note that the donation amount may be adjusted to suit your group)

Your donation of $20 could support:

How to Donate

(enter instructions on how you plan to collect donations)

As a reminder, your donation is tax deductible and every penny will go toward the programs and services provided by HCU Network America.

Let’s Help Make a Difference!

We’ve set a goal of $xxx and we just know with your help we’ll be able to reach and hopefully exceed that number!

When we come together for a good cause, we can truly make all the difference in the life those with Homocystinuria. With your donation, we can provide resources, tools and assistance – one pair of jeans / jersey at a time!


(your name)

P.S.  We’re accepting donations for HCU Network America from non-participants too! Please let me know if you’re interested in a straight donation.