What is iGive?

iGive is a free service to causes and members. Since 1997, iGive has grown to 350,000+ members supporting 150,000+ causes and raised over $10 Million!

  • iGive members generate donations by shopping online at any of our 2,000+ Stores.
  • There are no added costs, obligations, or hidden fees.
  • You don't need to enter any codes, notify the store, or iGive. It's all automatic!

How do I set it up?


What if I'm already set up and would like to switch to HCU Network America?


  1. From your desktop, simply select “Your Supporting (Change)” from your iGive homepage

2. Type "HCU Network America" in the search bar and search for HCU Network America.

3. Select HCU Network America to update your account

What Stores are affiliated with iGive?

iGive works with more than 2,000 stores.

You can search through website search bar, or view this pdf (note, this pdf is only some of the stores as they are continually adding new stores).

I'm still confused how to shop?

This video walks you through getting started.

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